110 Stories with Fircroft College

Louise, like some of our students, didn’t necessarily come to Fircroft by choice. But, as is the way with our students, once they walk up the driveway to see the place that we are proud to call our college (and to our students, home) they know that they have made the right decision.

Louise is a real character; lively, outspoken, intelligent and hilarious. Her time at Fircroft has seen her come so far. From hating school and authority to wanting to become a curator at a museum and tell her stories of history to the world, we’re certain that Louise will go on to achieve great things when she leaves our family.

Here is Louise’s story. We’re certain you’ll be rooting for her as much as we are. 


When I came to Fircroft College, it wasn’t by choice. I came from probation services, and didn’t really want to be here. I had been told that I had to take an anger management course. One of the services that I used recommended Fircroft to me. All of my ‘not wanting to be here’ melted away once I walked into the college itself; I fell in love with the place. The look of the building and the history blew me away. The history is everywhere, not just in the building, but in the photos and artefacts on the walls, history is my love and I’ve always loved architecture. 

Once I settled into Fircroft life, I started taking other courses. I have taken a number of the personal social development courses that complement the female anger management course that I was mandated to come on. The tutors were amazing and it made feel like they could walk the walk as well as talk the talk. They had bags of personal experience and they knew exactly what they were talking about it. 

I even tried meditation! Now, this isn’t something I ever thought would be for me. I would never have tried meditating. This took me completely out of my comfort zone, but by the end of it, I was desperate to come back and do more. 

The environment here is so relaxing. I’m not tied to the classroom and if I want to walk in the gardens to clear my mind, I can. I find the gardens are my escape, I clear my head, come back and start again. 

My experience of school wasn’t the best. I hated the structure, the rules and the authority. I often felt ‘what’s the point?` but here? Well, that’s different. It’s peaceful and tranquil. I love it. 

I’ve learned a lot during my time here, ignorance is not bliss for me anymore. I want to run my own museum and do Curator Studies at university. For me, Fircroft wasn’t a choice in the beginning. Now? This isn’t for anyone else. Not my husband, my kids, no one. This is for me. 

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