Confidence: A student poem

You may have been afraid

But now it's time

To train your brain

And think positive

Be good to yourself

Cause no one else will.

Self assurance is all you need

Empower yourself

You will succeed.

You're in control of your goals

Learn from your mistakes and grow

Facing challenges as you go

Even though your mood may be low

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle

Our student shared her poem at the end of the Developing Personal Confidence course. We love to share our students work to give you an insight into what we do here, and what you can learn. 

A lack of confidence affects the way people see and treat us, and we may avoid social interactions as a result. Do you often find yourself going along with other people’s ideas when you really don’t want to, to keep the peace or just for an easy life? If you want to Develop Personal Confidence, find out more about the course and how to apply here. Alternatively, please call Admissions on 0121 472 0116 for more information. 

We're enrolling on to this course for 9th September 2019, and we'd love to see you there!