Gardening through the year

Often people say to me “Don’t you stop working in the winter?” and are surprised when I answer that the winter is as busy a season as any other. The main issue with winter is tailoring the jobs to the weather.Read more

Student Blog: Chris's journey -moving from 'can't do' to 'can do'

Before attending Fircroft I didn’t’ have much confidence in my ability’s to learn new skills and be in an educational environment I never found school easy....Read more

Leading change

Fircroft College was shortlisted by CIPD for “Best Change Initiative” . Read more here.Read more

5 Ways Mentoring Changes Lives

Fircroft offers a fantastic Mentoring course aimed at volunteers who may be working in support roles, or people in employment. Take a look at our latest log post to find out 5 ways that mentoring affects the lives of both the mentor and the mentee.Read more

Women's Learning, Transforming Lives - Review

To support this year’s International Women’s day, we hosted an event to highlight the different ways in which learning can transform the lives of women.Read more

Research Supplement

Fircroft was commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to curate their 2018 Research Supplement.Read more

5 Minutes with.....The Artist Taxi Driver

Ahead of his scheduled Talk at Fircroft College on Thursday 18th January, we had a chat with performance artist and YouTube vlogger The Artist Taxi Driver, aka Mark McGowan.Read more