110 Stories: A snapshot with Melanie Starkey

Overcoming the impossible, and having a complete mind shift was key to success for Melanie. Read more

5 tips for managing your mental health while studying

Studying and staying relaxed; surely the two things don’t go in the same sentence. Do they? Read more

Love Our Colleges: Interview with Mel and Michael

In this short 15 minute interview, we catch-up with Mel Lenehan, our Principal and CEO and Michael Conway-Jones, our Vice Principal, as they discuss why they love our college, and how Fircroft plays an integral part in our community. Read more

A spotlight on... Paul Sibisi

Utilising his experience of apartheid and racism, Paul Sibisi turned tragedy into profound art. Read more

Fircroft's Famous Faces

Fircroft College has some rather notable alumni. Do you recognise any of these faces? Read more

Why study with Fircroft College for an Access Diploma?

Want to study at university but not sure where to start? Even if you have been out of education for a while, Fircroft College is the perfect place to start. Read more

Take A Seat, It Looks Like Bert Was Right

Fircroft was a hotbed of left-wing, working-class, revolutionary fervour and its student community had representatives of almost every radical grouping in existence at the time. But there was one unrepentant Tory - Bert the Gardener. Read more

Nneka's Story: Aiming High with Access

Nneka came to Fircroft as a mature student, lacking confidence and worrying about her course. Now, she's completed an Access course, she's at University and chasing her dreams. What an inspiration! Read more

Fircroft College and its origins as told by the Cadbury family

Fircroft College is stunning and rich in heritage. In story 3 of our #110Stories we discover the history of our origins, and the involvement from the Cadbury family, as told by Roger Cadbury himself. Read more

The Bob Cole Legacy

As part of our 110 Stories for our 110th birthday, we want to share with you the incredible legacy of our alumni Bob Cole. Following his time at Fircroft, Bob went on to attend university in Manchester and became active in progressive politics, before settling down in Blaenau and campaigning for justice and peace as well as becoming a town councillor. Here, we share his story. Read more

Gardening through the year

Often people say to me “Don’t you stop working in the winter?” and are surprised when I answer that the winter is as busy a season as any other. The main issue with winter is tailoring the jobs to the weather. Read more

Student Blog: Chris's journey -moving from 'can't do' to 'can do'

Before attending Fircroft I didn’t’ have much confidence in my ability’s to learn new skills and be in an educational environment I never found school easy.... Read more