My passion has always been to teach adults who want to change their lives through the platform of education. I feel really privileged to work at Fircroft College. I’ve been given the opportunity to work in an organisation that really does believe in social justice for all, something I feel passionate about.

Fircroft is a unique college, like none that I’ve worked in before. As I approached Fircoft for the first time, I was surprised to see its period building and lovely surroundings. It’s like a small oasis hidden amongst Birmingham’s busy roads. The gardens are beautiful and the whole feel of the college is inviting and friendly. This feeling also extends to all the staff at Fircroft. As a new teacher, I’ve been made to feel very welcome by all my colleagues. We all work as a team here, there’s always someone willing to help you, right from the kitchen staff to the leadership team, my manager is great and always has time to listen.

As an English teacher, I work with a variety of students of all levels and backgrounds. Some of our students have been greatly disadvantaged throughout their lives so it is a real pleasure to teach and support them to reach their full potential. I teach short courses and one of the advantages of teaching a short course is that you work with students intensively over a few days. During this time, you quickly get to know your students, so you can address their individual needs more effectively, the end result is visible and tangible. Coming from a mainstream FE background, I really appreciate that I can give my students time, something I never seemed to have when I worked for larger FE colleges. It goes without saying that it’s very rewarding to see your students progress and develop in their learning as well as their confidence and self-worth. Fircroft truly is a platform for students to gain autonomy in their education and in their lives as a whole.  

There are many benefits of working at Fircroft, free parking, free food and hot drinks are just a few. One of things that has stood out to me has been the college’s encouragement in flexible working. When I’m not in college for the usual teaching and meetings, I work from home. I really welcome this as I like to work in my own space and I find I get through a lot more work.

Fircroft is a fantastic place to work, the students, the staff, the grounds and the food, all work in unison to create a unique teaching and learning opportunity.


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