I have a long drive to work which usually takes about an hour and a half but it’s worth the journey.  When I arrive there is always a smiling face to great me – Hannan, Marie or Ian in reception, my line manager Trish is always around to offer support and guidance and there’s Susan, a trusted colleague who I share an office with.  Sometimes the first faces I see are my students and there’s no better way to start the working day.

So, what am I teaching today? Is it our Access learners; Literature… History…Study Skills?  Is it a short course; English.… College Induction… Creative writing? I could go on and the variety of teaching is challenging but extremely motivating.

I’ve been lucky enough to mark some fantastic Access History submissions. Our learners are great and it’s good (and a relief) to see that the teaching has paid off!

I love to teach and every day I spend in the classroom, the outside world disappears.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be challenging but it is worth it. Today we’ve looked at the novel Beloved (check it out if you’ve not heard of it!) and some of the learners haven’t read the text.  I need to change my plans for delivery but it works. Flexibility is a must in this job.

Lunch time and I take 30 minutes to eat and chat with colleagues and learners.  Before I go back to lesson, I have a quick look at a learner’s personal statement and I print out some paperwork and cover sheets for submitted work. 

Back to lesson and back to my group – they are working hard and it is lovely to see.  Some are reading the text, some are analysing the text and some are taking time to write up their thoughts so my role is to facilitate, to let them bounce ideas off me, guide them and ensure they understand.

The lesson finishes, I have a few ‘after lesson’ chats with learners and I check my emails.  My line manager Trish comes in to see how I am and we have a chat.  That’s supportive management for you.  If I’m honest, I am tired but I have a few more small things to do; some more printing and preparation for a moderator visit tomorrow.

Home time.  I’ve had a tiring but good day and I’m off to revitalise ready for tomorrow.

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