A gentle introduction to the concept of sustainability, this is a term we hear all the time from politicians and on the TV but what does it really mean? Why is it important to understand the effect we have on the world we live in and how can we change little things at home and work to make a huge difference to the environment, our society and the economy.  Much of this course will be open and interesting discussions but there will also be hands-on practical element centred around recycling/upcycling/creating – it's going to be fun! 

Weather permitting some of this course will take place outside in our beautiful garden!  This course is the first one planned in a series of courses due to run in the new year, watch this space for further details.

Date and Times 2nd November 2020 - 4th November 2020
Level  Entry Level 3
Learning Outcomes 

You will learn what sustainability means and how to explain it to others.

You will learn some great and easy ways to live more sustainably.


Other courses within this serious are planned. 

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