There are many reasons why people find it difficult to make themselves heard and understood, especially when it comes to communicating with professionals in the health, social care, education and related sectors. Sometimes, they can find that they are not taken seriously or that their opinions are overlooked. This can be very frustrating, difficult to deal with and stressful. As a result, their needs are often not met in supportive or appropriate ways. At these times an advocate can provide exactly the support that is needed.

This course is ideal if you have ever spoken on behalf of someone else, whether in a personal, community or volunteer role to make sure they are heard and that their needs are met. It is also a good foundation to those considering taking on the role of an advocate in a voluntary capacity and who want to find out more.



15th March 2021 - 17th March 2021

(3 Days - 2 Nights)


Level Level 1 
Learning Outcomes

This Level 1 Course, introduces the basic principles and processes of advocacy. You will explore:

  • What advocacy means and what an advocate does.
  • How individuals become disempowered and unable to speak up for themselves.
  • The positive impact for individuals of the advocacy process and the benefits to those they interact with.
  • Key skills required to be a good advocate and the types of support individuals need to express themselves.
  • How to develop an advocacy partnership
  • How to recognise and manage conflict
This course links to courses in Confidence and Assertiveness, Stress Management, Coping with Anxiety as well as Building Communities.