Our free entry-level course is a 2-day non-residential course taking place at the college with a total of 12 hours of tutor delivery.

Date and Times 

9th October 2020 - 10th October 2020 (Entry Level 3)- (non-residential)

Saturday and Sunday - 9:00 AM - 4:20 PM 

Level Entry Level 3 
Learning Outcomes
  • Explore the difference between passive, aggressive, indirect and assertive anger. 
  • Explore why anger is often a difficult emotion to deal with assertively 
  • Explore the concept of assertive anger "rights"
  • Recognise physical symptoms of anger 
  • Explore the skills needed to express anger assertively
  • Explore the skills involved in recognising other peoples anger 
Progression   You may choose to progress onto any of our other Personal and Social Development courses