This is a residential course accredited by OCN. This course is split up into 4 residential stays of 2nights and 3 days. 

Dates and Times 

14th December 2020 - 24th March 2021

Monday - 6:00 PM - 8:00PM 

Tuesday - 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Wednesday - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

Level  Level 2 
Learning Outcomes 

This course consists of 3 Units:

 Confidence & Self Esteem –  (1 credit)

Students will explore the definition of confidence and understand the importance of confident behaviour. Students will consider self-esteem and describe factors that affect self-esteem and confidence and develop strategies to build own confidence. Understanding why this is important in the workplace and for career development.

Understanding Person-Centred Approaches (4 credits)

Students will explore person-centred approaches used within the health and social care sector. They will define approaches and understand why these approaches are significant in providing tailored care to patients/clients. Students will understand why and how person-centred approaches can achieve the best possible outcomes for patients/clients.

This unit is a broad unit which will enable the class to consider different aspects of care across client groups e.g. Mental Health, Complex Need, Older People

Exploring Job Opportunities (1 credit)

This final unit will enable students to consider the areas we have covered and identify areas of employment they may discover a particular interest in. Students will research suitable job opportunities and be able to apply their own skills, interests, experiences and qualities to sources of employment. Students will be able to carry out a job search and know how to communicate with employers
Assessment Methods

Each unit will have its own assignment brief which will clearly set out tasks which relate to the subject area.

This may include:

  • Working through a case study
  • Creating a presentation
  • Writing a report
Entry requirements

Must be able to use basic IT – email/log on

Be able to demonstrate the ability to manage a level 2 course

Receive and retain information

Produce written material and contribute to the discussion to get the most out of this learning experience


Wide range of options from this course:

  • Pre-Access – Health and Social Science
  • Access Health & Social Science
  • Employment in health and/or social care sector

You may also choose to go into the following areas with the relevant qualifications: 

  • Social Work
  • Counselling
  • Nursing
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Support Work
  • Mental Health Sector
  • Learning Disability Specialism
  • Early Years/Children
  • Older People
  • Youth Work



Charity Sector

Private Sector

Health Sector