Residential at the College and Online

This introductory course prepares you to support learning in a wide range of contexts, including working 1:1 and in groups and is for anyone interested in becoming a learner support practitioner. Also for other professionals who have to learn support as a small part of their wider role. 


11th October 2021 - 10th November 2021 

Split into 3 residential stays of 3 days and 2 nights 



  • Full awards at level 2 or below cost from £0-£60 depending on your income

Entry Requirements

You must complete an initial assessment in literacy and mathematics and be working at a level 1 or abve. You will also need access to a computer/laptop with WIFI.

Learning Outcomes 

The key areas we cover are:

  • The importance of learning and support. How you help people achieve their goals. Different contexts. Regulatory requirements.
  • Values and principles. How to be inclusive and encourage independent learning. The importance of communication, English, Maths and digital skills
  • How to support learning. Your responsibilities. How you can address needs and the activities and resources you can use.
  • Evaluating and improving your practice. Identify your strengths and further development needs


The Award strengthens your progression to paid and unpaid work as a learning support practitioner.

You can also progress to Level 3 qualifications where you can begin to specialise in who you support including our Level 3 Award for Learning Support Practitioners