In this edition of the 110 Stories Heritage project, we had a quick catch-up with Julia Swift. 

Julia has been a student here since 2018, and is still studying with us. You may recognise Julia from our prospectus and is a cheery force around the college. 

Let’s take five minutes to find out more…

How has Fircroft College helped you to prepare for life beyond studying?

Fircroft has helped me in many ways. My confidence levels has quadrupled and I’m learning to be more assertive. 

What has your experience of Fircroft been like? How has this impacted you?

I began Fircroft in May 2018, I already knew the college but then the job centre announced an open day so I jumped at the chance. That's a choice I will never ever regret, as fircroft is so unique in every way. You are treated so greatly and valued too. Many staff and students have inspired me and completely altered the way I see my life and my future. I was particularly proud to attend as my dad did the access course way back in the 80s in his 30s and went on to university to gain his degree. I visited Fircroft as a young Child and played in the garden so it already had a piece of my heart. To be able to study here is an absolute privilege and I class it as my home from home, as well as my sanctuary. My dad always loved Fircroft due to the staff, the family atmosphere, and the immense support staff provide. It changed his entire life for the better. In a nutshell Fircroft means the world to us both, we will always love Fircroft and always be grateful for all the amazing experiences and opportunities opened up to us thanks to them.

Where and what are you doing now?: 

With the help and support from Fircroft I finally found a job despite my disabilities. I'm still studying at Fircroft and know that the courses I do in the future will only help me even more, the confidence I've gained is so great in being trained at management level which will open up so many more doors for me.

What piece of advice would you give to current students?:

Listen, learn, embrace Fircroft and all its values... Some people find religion... I found Fircroft. You will succeed as long as you put 100% into your courses as the staff do.

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