This week, we’re talking to Paramjeet, a former student who has kindly agreed to share her story of success and hope with us as part of our #110Stories.

Pam, as she is known, joined Fircroft not sure where to turn. She was on the brink of depression and was also caring for her husband. Pam is now working in a hospital, and is feeling more confident after her time with us. Her hard work has paid off and she is doing amazing. 

Let's find out more about Pam. 

'I was a student at Fircroft College in the last two years-2017-2019, did about three courses. I found that they really helped me a lot, I was out of jobs for a very long time, lost my confidence to go back to work. My husband was very ill and I was feeling very low and had no hope. Fircroft helped me to improve my English and maths skills. The teacher who helped me with my maths was called Matthew, he was very good.


All the teachers were very informative and I could approach them at any time after the class. The TA’s (Gaynor and Sarah) went out of their way to help me and I really appreciated that.  I received a lot of help with the coursework and help with my CV writing skills as well. I have found a job now and I do not know what I would have done if I didn’t come to the college. The college has college has a very friendly environment which makes things a lot easier. Studying at the had a very positive impact on my life. I am very confident now when it comes to going out and socialising and networking.


Although I was very nervous and scared, I thought I would be the only mature student as I was out of education for a very long time and had no education in this country. I did not what to expect.  Now I have a very different view on the college as I had the experience of studying there


My biggest achievement was that I got my new job and my confident back. From this, I would say that my biggest success is to work in the hospital now which is what I wanted to do since my husband became ill. The college has saved me from going into depression and I cannot thank the college enough. I feel Fircroft College was like a home away from my home. I am coming back to do more courses at the college soon and I thank the college for my development personally and professionally.


If I could give students a piece of advice it would be to take the courage to go out and find what you want to do. Everyone should come to Fircroft College and see how comfortable it is to study here. Take the chance and be open-minded.'

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