Fircroft offers a fantastic Mentoring course aimed at volunteers who may be working in support roles, or people in employment. Keep scrolling to find out 5 ways that mentoring affects the lives of both the mentor and the mentee.

1) It feels good to help others

Being a mentor enables you to give back to your community. It allows you to use the skills you’ve learned in life to help someone else achieve their goals. Whether you are a Teaching Assistant, a Support Worker or even a DJ, there is someone out there who could benefit from your guidance and expertise. Mentoring comes in many different forms; from the Drug and Alcohol counsellor helping their client to manage their sobriety, to the Youth Worker trying to keep young people out of trouble; there are many ways in which a mentor can change the lives of others. Mentoring can give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Researchers believe that giving back may even give individuals a mental boost by providing them with a neurochemical sense of reward.


2) Improve your own skills

Being a mentor can help you to hone in on your own skills. It can help you to decipher where your own strengths and weaknesses lie as you impart your knowledge on your mentee. Helping someone to achieve their goal can enhance your leadership skills making you an even better mentor and increasing your own career prospects. It can also remind you of all the skills you have which you are not utilising, or could be utilising in a more productive way.


3) A sense of direction

In this digital age of virtual friends the world can feel like a lonely place. Having a mentor, someone to speak to about their hopes and fears, can greatly improve your mentees sense of direction and help them to focus on where they want to go and what steps they need to take to get there. Having someone who believes in them and encourages them to achieve can boost your mentees confidence immensely. It can also help you to see your own career path more clearly and to make decisions about your own future.

4) See things from a different perspective

Mentoring can help you to step outside of your box and view the world from a different angle. Your mentee will most likely bring with them their own perspective on your field of work/life in general which can be a great learning opportunity for you. It is always good to see things through the eyes of others, it can make you realise you’re on the right track or it can make you see the potential changes you could make to better your own position. Either way, you will learn from your mentee almost as much as they learn from you.


5) Shape The Leaders of Tomorrow

In most cases a mentor will be somewhat older than the person they are mentoring. This gives mentors the opportunity to positively influence the leaders of tomorrow. Imparting your knowledge and expertise, whilst helping your mentee to grow and make their own decisions is a great way to ensure the practical knowledge you've gained throughout your life is handed down. The younger generation are the future of the workforce and being able to interact with them in a meaningful way is an unmissable opportunity.

Our next Mentoring course runs from the 6 – 8th April.

Find out more by visiting our Mentoring course page.