This blog has been written by IT Tutor, Josephine Purchase

I became an adult tutor in the year 2000 and since joining Fircroft College in December 2018, I am always mindful of the fact that in any role we are here ‘to serve’.  I view students as ‘customers’ and whilst remembering that at all times, I aim to give the best service I can, both in terms of content and on occasion, added humour. It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent of a child in a school, you are the customer and if we all embrace that fact, then and only then, will the best possible outcomes be experienced by the majority.


As with all challenges in life, preparing ourselves mentally is a natural progression towards helping our wellbeing.

In the media ‘wellbeing’ is the latest buzz word and having attended a ‘yoga’ taster day at Fircroft last weekend, we were reminded of the following:


Mindful or Mind Full?


Going forward, I highly recommend any form of meditation and these can be accessed via the internet and many are free to use. Andy Puddicombe, who has been a huge success in London, has a website called ‘Headspace’ and if you insert ‘Guided 10-minute meditation with Andy Puddicombe’ into YouTube, it allows you to unwind for free unless you wish to purchase his app.  Try it, you might find it helps with your everyday wellbeing as well as clearing your mind ready for study here at Fircroft.


Happy learning.

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