Fircroft College runs almost 200 short courses throughout the year, many of which are free for eligible learners. While our students often sing our praises on how brilliant the courses are (don’t just take our word for it, check out our Facebook channel to feel/read the love!) That said, it can be tough to know if studying for a short course is right for you.

Short courses at Fircroft College are exactly that. Short. Ok, so the clue may be in the name but hear us out. Many of the short courses are three days residential, which means that you can study in an environment that is both supportive and immersive.

  1. Short courses are perfect for students who are new to studying in a college setting (although we’d argue our college is certainly a little different!), but they’re also good for people that want to learn in bite sized chunks without committing to a longer time period. 

  1. Short courses are great for young people as it can give them a taster of subject before they commit to a longer period of study or a university course. You may have an interest in psychology, but have never studied it before. A short course can give you a flavour of what’s to come. A try before you buy if you like! If you decide it’s not the route for you, then you haven’t made a massive commitment and you can move on without feeling any pressure. 

  1. You may want to change your career but you may be unsure that this is the right route for you. A short course in your potentially new sector can give you insight into this. 

  1. All work and no play, as they say… if you’ve got a hobby or a passion project that you want to turn into something more, short courses in drama, poetry and creative writing can turn this passion into something more structured. Plus, you get to meet new people and learn things that challenge your existing ideas.

  1. The convenience of a residential setting such as Fircroft College means that you get to learn in a practical environment without having to worry about commuting. You can immerse yourself into your studies, make new friends and learn in a fun way in a beautiful environment!

  1. New skills open new doors. You may not have thought about studying politics, or mindfulness, or even digital skills. But, by learning something new you are setting yourself apart from the crowd. Employers are always looking for people with drive and ambition, and committing yourself to a programme of study truly shows that. 

  1. Meeting new people is always a bonus when it comes to studying at a college like Fircroft College. You will find that you are meeting people who are both similar yet different. You have one thing in common; the desire to learn! And your network is the most important thing around you, especially when it comes to support during your studies.

Want to find out more about Fircroft College and which courses may be right for you? Take a look at our prospectus and course listing for more information. 

If you want to talk through your options with our Admissions team, please call 0121 472 0116.