If you want to be able to better understand confidence and how to increase confidence in yourself or to help others then this course is a great starting point for you!  It can be so challenging to maintain a confident appearance and more importantly internal confidence these days, lack of confidence can be so difficult for someone to deal with, it can really hold them back.  We will be exploring the concept of confidence with the hopes of introducing you to some starter tips on how to improve confidence for yourself or others.  Perhaps you are job hunting at the moment and feel that your confidence is low, or perhaps it is affecting your social life or that of someone you know.  Do you want to work with people in a supportive or management role who lack confidence and need some starting advice about this complex area?


Date and Time  30th November 2020 -  1st December 2020
Level Entry Level 
Learning Outcomes
  • The concept of confidence
  • The impact of low or high confidence
  • The drivers of confidence
  • How to improve confidence
  • Hopefully you will feel better equipped to improve your own confidence or that of others!
  • You may want to keep your eyes open for upcoming assertiveness or counselling courses which are coming soon.
  • If you are seeking a career in support why not consider the pre-access to social science and health.
  • If you are a manager perhaps one of our Institute of Leadership and Management Courses would be interesting