Refugee Week is a festival that takes place every June celebrating the contributions of refugees through the arts as well as cultural and educational events. One of the key benefits of this week is that it positively promotes the benefits refugees can bring to the UK as well as their need for sanctuary. In support of this week, we would like to share with you the great work we have been conducting with refugees in Birmingham as well as useful information about how you can get involved.   

Free Thinking 

January 2020 saw the end of our Free Thinking programme at the college. This was a 10-week residential programme designed to help those who were survivors of trauma, modern slavery and trafficking have a safe place to learn, grow and progress. Helping to get these individuals back into mainstream education was a life-altering experience for all those involved and had a profound impact on the students.

Take a look at our Free Thinking video where you will see Regina, a student on this course who shares her journey across the 10 weeks.  We will be holding another Free Thinking course for people from new communities starting 19th April 2021.  To find out more email [email protected]

You can also read further Student Journey's from other students here, their identities have been hidden. 

We can also announce that over 70% of students were now either in employment or further education! To read the full article click here 

Birmingham Refugee Events 

The Birmingham Refugee events page is a central hub where you can find out all the online activities that are commencing throughout the week. You can also host your own event online to help raise awareness of the importance of refugees in the UK.

Work booklets for ESOL learners 

The lockdown period really highlighted our reliance on technology to stay connected and to progress, whether that be through homeschooling or working from home. Our Product Manager Neena Chouhan collaborated with volunteers tutors, local partners and staff to help produce 2 invaluable booklets that provided ESOL learning to those individuals who didn't have that vital access to technology and WiFi.

Please take a look at the great benefits these booklets have had throughout the coronavirus outbreak. 

A College of Sanctuary 

Read a message from our Principal and CEO Mel about how our approach can be a great support to refugees that visit the college. You will also hear from one of our partners describing the success from the 2 workbooks we distributed to ESOL individuals and their families across Birmingham during the pandemic.