Our Remote Education Offer During Lockdown

Going Online

Due to the college building being closed during lockdown due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer face to face teaching and have moved some of our courses online.  This includes existing courses that started last year so that our students can complete their studies.  Our website shows which short courses we will be offering online between 5th January and 15th February and these courses are FREE to all applicants.  Go to https://www.fircroft.ac.uk/Pages/Category/find-courses

Some of our courses during this period have been cancelled due to them being more effectively delivered face to face.  

Once you have applied for a course using the online application form we will contact you ahead of the course to let you know the timetable for the course.  Most sessions will be “live" and as interactive as possible.  We are working hard to ensure we use the most suitable online platform for the course including Zoom, Microsoft TEAMs and Moodle and if your course includes assessments, we will adapt these in line with awarding body guidance.

At the application stage we will be clear about the entry requirements for your course including what equipment you will need to study online.  This information is on the website and you will be advised of this when a member of the Admissions team contacts you to discuss your course with you.   As a minimum, all online courses require students to have access to internet connection, a keyboard, microphone and camera.  For qualifications that are longer than 3 days we will look at providing the loan of some technology for selected courses and as well as providing technical support where we can with our online learning, we have previously held “Get Online” courses.

Please keep checking our website for updates.  We hope that courses scheduled after 15th February will continue as mentioned in the course brochure “Your Future Starts Here” (see link below) but this is to be confirmed nearer the time:



Because we are moving online we have decided that our short online and correspondence courses from January to February 15th, will be FREE.

Correspondence Courses

We have consistently offered a number of correspondence courses since last March which have proved popular and we will continue to offer these during the COVID-19 lockdown period.  These courses are for people with little access to technology, or who prefer a more physical type of course and involve the college regularly sending out creative learning packs to the students along with support provided by telephone, email and video.

What You Can Expect From Us

We will always aim to provide the same high level of education as we always have when delivering online and we will continue to follow the support process set out at: https://www.fircroft.ac.uk/student-supportWe will look at making adaptations for any particular needs you might have and we will continue to offer 1:1 support remotely within and between taught sessions.

The senior leader responsible for the delivery and quality of remote learning is Vice Principal Michael Conway-Jones

What We Expect From You

Our expectations of students remain high in terms of preparation, attendance, active engagement and meeting deadlines.  Please see the link to our Student Charter information below:


Contact Details

If you have any questions about a course please contact our Admissions team at [email protected]

For any other matter please contact [email protected]