The government is encouraging people to get vaccinated to stop the spread of COVID-19 There are many vaccination centres available near you - go to the link below to find your nearest centre:

local vaccination centres

If you are unsure about getting vaccinated, here are a few FAQ's you might find interesting and helpful when deciding if you are going to be vaccinated.  The college takes great pride that we remained open throughout the pandemic in 2020/2021 when the government regulations allowed, and not once needing to close because of COVID-19.  We want to keep this reputation and ensure all our staff and students are safe.  We believe one of the ways of doing this, as well as having our own health and safety measures in place, is for as many people as possible who visit, study and work at the college, to be vaccinated.  However, we do realise this is a personal choice and people are welcome to the college regardless of whether they have had the vaccine or not:

Vaccine FAQ's