Crissy is currently studying hard on an Access to Higher Education course at Fircroft

College and has written a poem about her journey to Fircroft and how her life is now:

Broken Girl


A past relationship

I wanted to jump

Big hands

Round my throat they went

Tight like elastic bands

My neck was strangled

My head was confused

My heart was like MANGLED

My body was bruised


I became emotionally repressed

A click of a finger I was depressed


I could’ve done drugs

I could’ve done drink

My life was sinking

Faster than I was thinking

No hope for me

I’ll just let it be




A new friend stopped me from a burnout

He gave me reasons to stop self-doubt

He gave me love he gave me a ring


I saw a sign

It was a new lifeline

Learning new stuff

No time to huff




My first day at Fircroft

All the staff so gentle and soft


Course one

Course two

Course three

Course four

My feet were off the floor

I knew where I wanted to go

Course five

Course six

Course seven

Course eight


I always love to stay up late

Sat in the library until morning

Fresh as a daisy no more mourning


My second time here

Id scan for Gaynor to see if she was in

If I had any problems, I would rein her in

Knowing she would lend an ear


Tutors at Fircroft feel more like my friend

They would help if I couldn’t attend                                                                                                                    

I would learn off them in heaps

I love all my new peeps


Different courses taught me different things

I love my life now and what the future brings

I will soon be a mummy

But not in my tummy

Foster care it has to be

I’ll be an amazing mummy

You just wait and see


Best friend Julia first friend I make

Totally insane and loves to bake

A friend for life aren’t I lucky

I love her to bits she’s my little ducky


I still have a long way to go

But with the love, guidance and support

I’ll be ok they will help me float.