Why come to Fircroft College?

Daniel came to Fircroft to increase both his experience and knowledge of the Adobe Suite. His aim was to create work he was proud of and that could be used to develop his portfolio for interviews. Before coming to Fircroft, Daniel struggled with his confidence and battled with anxiety, and after a negative experience on a different design course he wanted to get back into the field he loved and start applying for design jobs again. As Daniel was a naturally shy person, he wanted to test his limits in a more socially dynamic environment. 

The benefits

Daniel believes that the structure of the course at Fircroft has taught him to critique designs effectively to understand their meaning and to interpret a brief. One way in which this done is through mind mapping and creating mood boards, assessing whether the design can be pushed further. Daniel realises the end point of a design isn’t necessarily where you think it will be and you can always reassess and adapt designs to get the desired product.

Daniel now believes he has a strong understanding of all 3 of the Adobe software’s taught on the course. His visual communication is the main element that has strengthened. He can now interpret a brief effectively, understanding the needs of the client and how to bring their ideas to life. Daniel also believes he has gained a strong appreciation of the design process and can now critically analyse his, and others, work, looking into the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of designs and how that then caters to a specific audience. 


What next?

Although Daniel struggled on a previous course, because of the creative freedom he experienced at Fircroft he now believes he has the confidence and skills to step back into the digital marketing sector. Daniel was inspired hearing from industry specialists such as Graphic Design Specialist Kat Tromans who gave a detailed workshop about how she uses the same skills and techniques taught on the ACA course in real life with practical examples. Daniel’s main reason for enrolling onto the course was to gain valuable skills that will allow him to go onto obtaining an apprenticeship. In addition to a previous digital design course Daniel studied, he believes that securing the ACA accreditation will enable him to stand out to potential recruiters in the future.