Developing Social Awareness courses will explore your own opinions as well as those of society. It will challenge stereotypes and prejudices and help you to develop a more informed view of our world.

You will benefit most if you take all of the Personal and Social Development courses. You could progress onto Skills for Volunteering and Work courses in the future.

Please be aware that these are not therapy courses.

Level 1 and 2

Recognising and Dealing with Bullying

16 – 18 Mar (Fri – Sun)

This course explores bullying and harassment from the view of both the bully and the victim.

Level 1 and 2

Do You See What I See?

13 – 15 July (Fri – Sun)

In this course you will look at body image, a vital topic as it looks at self-worth.

Level 1 and 2

Taking a Risk

13 – 15 June (Wed – Fri)

This course explores situations that could pose a risk to yourself and others.

Level 1 and 2

Beliefs, Values and Their Influences

09 – 11 Apr (Mon – Wed)

18 – 20 July (Wed – Fri)

In this course you will explore what values and beliefs are.