Eddie’s Story

From a busy life visiting a range of Fircroft referral partners every week to keep up to date (and to maintain a healthy tea and biscuit intake), along with regularly working with students in the classroom, Eddie has suddenly found himself home alone. Eddie’s dog, Bella, cannot believe her luck to have her human around 24/7 but Eddie isn’t feeling quite so lucky! Like all of us, Eddie is missing seeing family but has managed to get himself set up with software that will at least allow him to see family, friends and work colleagues when he talks to them.

What keeps Eddie going?

Eddie is catching up with films and TV series he either hasn’t seen for years or has never seen, starting with Lost in Space. He watches live church services on his computer and is able to “attend” bible study classes and a prayer group over the internet. Of course, Bella needs a good walk every day (if she isn’t taking up the whole sofa having a nap) and Eddie wonders how she will cope when he goes back to his old routine at work.

The good stuff

Clapping for our carers, Eddie feels, really brings his neighbours together. He wouldn’t normally see his neighbours from one week to the next but now he sees them every Thursday evening. Eddie also feels that the Coronavirus has brought him closer to some members of his family as he is speaking more frequently to them.

The difficult stuff

Weekends and evenings are difficult times for Eddie. His sleep patterns have gone haywire and he misses being active. Eddie enjoys helping people and being “part of the action” and he finds Lockdown very restrictive. He is also worried about Bella now having a false sense of security that he is going to be with her every minute of the day, when he goes back to work, and how she will cope with that.

All in all, though Eddie feels that times like this really make him appreciate what he has. He knows others are not as fortunate to have a home, technology to help them keep in touch with the outside world and a pet to keep them company, and he is thankful.