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Back to Basics Literacy

Entry Level Award in English

This course will develop skills in reading and writing and also speaking and listening.

Read for Meaning

Various levels: Entry, Level 1, Level 2

This course helps you to draw understanding from what you read. You will explore ways of improving reading and understanding, how to summarise information and identify the key points of a variety of texts.

Write for Meaning

Various levels: Entry, Level 2 

This course focuses on writing clearly and logically. You will look at how to plan and produce a rough draft of your writing in order to produce a final piece. You will explore different writing styles and how you can adjust your style to suit a purpose, situation or mood.

Improve Your Reading


If you struggle to read or you’re not confident and would like to improve this one day course could give you the confidence to progress your reading skills.

Punctuation and Grammar

Various Levels: Entry, Level 1

On this course we explore the use of punctuation marks such as full stops and commas. We also look at what makes a good sentence. You will look at the basics of grammar and how to link ideas to make more complex sentences and express your ideas.

Literacy Practice


If you are a learner who has been assessed as just below entry 3 or an ESOL learner who has progressed through ESOL courses and you have now come to a halt in literacy development, this course is for you. You may be not quite ready for Entry 3 so completing this course is the perfect opportunity to further develop in preparation for future courses or employment opportunities.

Advanced Punctuation and Grammar

Level 2

You will use basic punctuation such as commas and apostrophes and you will look at academic/formal punctuation use such as the colon, semicolon and brackets. You will also explore grammar and sentence structure in detail

Confidence with Spelling

Various Levels: Entry, Level 1

prove your spelling. The course covers ways of remembering the spelling of words that you may find awkward such as using spelling rules, patterns of letters within words and other memorising methods.

Creative Writing for Beginners

No Level

Would you like to put your ideas and thoughts down on paper? Have you always wanted to write something creative, but not sure how? This course is aimed at those who want to write imaginatively but need to know how to start. Or to those who maybe have written a little and want to know how to improve. Through discussion and group support you will be able to produce something you are really proud of.


Creative Writing

If you enjoy writing for pleasure or you haven’t done much free writing, but feel that you would like to, then this course could help you to unlock your creative potential.

Speaking and Listening 

Sharing ideas by talking and listening is an important part of everyday life. This course will help to build your communication skills and improve your confidence in a variety of situations, such as in formal and informal discussions.

Functional Skills: Literacy

Level 2

Confidence with English 

Entry level 

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