Our Functional Skills English Courses can build your practical knowledge as well as helping you to gain Functional Skills qualifications.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the possibility of taking the full Functional Skills qualification once you have completed the courses at the corresponding level.


Creative Writing for Beginners - New for 2018/2019

7 May

This course is aimed at those who want to write imaginatively but need to know how to start or support in developing those creative skills.


Improve your reading

11 Apr (Thur)

Entry 3 / Level 1 / Level 2

Write for Meaning

15-17 March  (Fri-Sun, Level 2)

1-3 April  (Mon-Wed, Entry 3)

3-5 Jun (Mon-Wed, Level 1)

24-26 Jun (Mon-Wed, Level 2)

23-25 Sep (Mon-Wed, Entry 3)

 This course focuses on writing clearly and logically.

Entry 3/ level 1/ level 2

Read for Meaning

4-6 March 19 (Mon-Wed, Level 1)

20 -22 May (Mon-Wed, Entry 3)

10-12 Jun (Mon-Wed, Level 1)

16-18 Sep (Mon-Wed, Entry 3)

This course helps you to draw understanding from what you read.

Entry 3 / Level 1

Punctuation and Grammar

8-10 July (Mon-Wed, Entry 3, Level 1)

On this course we explore the use of punctuation marks such as full stops and commas.

Entry 3/ Level 1

Confidence with Spelling

18-20 Mar 19 (Mon-Wed, entry 3, Level 1)

This course will help you to improve your spelling

Level 2

Advanced Punctuation and Grammar

25-27 March 19 (Mon-Wed, Level 2)

Learn the correct way to use both basic and academic punctuation.

Level 2

Advanced Spelling

Dates coming soon.

Building further on Level 1 spelling.

Level 2

Speaking and Listening 

Dates coming soon

This course will help to build your communication skills and improve your confidence in a variety of situations, such as in formal and informal discussion.

Level 2

Write for Understanding

1-3 Jul (Mon-Wed)

Level 2

NEW For 2018-219 Confidence with English

13-15 May (Mon-Wed)