Residential at the college 

Are you currently a volunteer and want to improve your skills? Maybe you are thinking about volunteering but want to review your skills to increase your effectiveness in a volunteer role. If so, this course will help you to identify your current skills and what you can offer as well as sharpen up those that are a little rusty.


11th May 2022 - 13th May 2022 (3 Days - 2 Nights)



3 day (2 night) residential courses cost from £0 - £50 depending on your income.


Level 2 

Entry Requirements 

You must be working at a level 1 or above in literacy. 

Learning Objectives 

You will explore:

  • Your current skills and development areas
  • The Volunteer Agreement; roles and responsibilities
  • Challenges and issues you may encounter and how to manage these
  • Moving on to new opportunities


This course will help develop life skills and self-development for individuals and those supporting others.

You may also benefit from some of our other courses in areas such as:

  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Introduction to Mentoring Skills
  • Enhanced Volunteering Skills
  • Improving Communication and Listening Skills