One Day Course

1st December 2022



Our one day courses are free to everyone


Entry Level 3/Level 1

This is a one day course for people with little or no knowledge of IT and digital technology. It is recommended to anyone who is starting to use digital technology such as smartphones and laptops and would like to see if they can gain skills in this area for the future. Potential outcomes include how to get started with digital technology.

Key learning on this course will include:

  • Basic technology terms.
  • Accessing devices.
  • Beginning to work with multimedia.
  • Beginning to work with MS Office.
  • Beginning to work with email and messaging
  • Saving and locating files
  • Accessing the Internet and Web

Once you complete this taster course, you will be at an advantage if you wish to attend a longer and more detailed digital skills course.

Entry Requirements

This course is for students joining at Entry level 3 and Level 1. You don't need to have knowledge of laptops or smartphones although it will be useful if you have some knowledge already.