A team-building day at Fircroft can offer a fresh perspective….


… for your volunteers, front-line workers, managers or trustees

  •  “We found it invaluable” Headstart
  •  “Opened up discussion. An excellent guide throughout the day”  Bournville Village Trust
  •  “Gave good insight. Thought provoking. Like your style”  Money Advice Trust

 As a college,  we really understand learning. That means we can:

Engage everyone through group work and activity.

Agree Objectives

Create a fun and productive day.

Evaluate and follow-up to demonstrate impact

Structure the day using recognised models and tools which your team can go on using.

We can even offer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to help you and the different personalities in your team understand each other and work more effectively together.

Fircroft’s complete solution to teambuilding includes:

  • Consultation to address your needs
  • Skilled and experienced facilitator
  • Training room and materials
  • Lunch and refreshments with access to gardens
  • Evaluation, write-up and follow-up discussion

Prices start at £95 per person

Contact: [email protected] or call Michael on 0121 4720116