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 February 2020

Course Date
Introduction to Criminology  17th - 19th 
Further Confidence with Numbers  17th - 19th
Advanced Punctuation and Grammar  19th - 21st 
IT for the Workplace - L2  19th - 21st 
Developing Personal Confidence and Improving your Assertiveness  21st - 23rd
Dimensions of Abuse  21st - 23rd 
Building Communities  24th - 26th 
Drug and Alcohol Awareness  24th - 26th
Drama for Confidence  26th
Introduction to Learning  26th
Health and Wellbeing  29th 

March Courses 

Course Date
Confidence with Numbers 2nd -4th
Fun with Fractions 2nd- 4th 
Pre-Employment Training for the Care Sector  4th - 6th 
Beginner ICT  4th - 6th
Anger Management (Men)  6th - 8th 
Write for Meaning  9th - 11th
Counselling  9th - 11th
Protest and Activism  11th-13th 
Applying for Work  11th - 13th
Advocacy for Support Workers 16th - 18th
Creative Writing for Beginners 16th - 18th
Introduction to Photoshop (Part 1) 18th -20th
Talk English CPD 18th
Coping with Stress 18th - 20th
Understanding Young People and Gang Culture  23rd - 25th 
Political Engagement  23rd-25th
Confidence with Numbers 23rd - 25th
Action Planning for Own Development  25th - 27th  
Becoming Self-Employed (Part 1) 30th March  - 1st April
Speaking and Listening  30th March - 1st April

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