Residential at the college 

This Level 2 course is a must for anyone who wants to promote the advancement of women in today’s society, or wants to find out how to make a sustainable impact as a female.

By exploring the skills, knowledge and experiences women bring to the table, but which have often been overlooked or devalued, this course identifies ways that we can represent ourselves effectively to take advantage of current opportunities.

If you have previously attended the Female Strength course and want to take your studies and development to the next level, or are an advocate/champion of women’s progress, then this course will provide the knowledge, skills, tools and strategies for massive impactful change.


25th June 2021 - 27th June 2021 (3 Days- 2 Nights)


Level 2 

Learning Outcomes 

With reference to feminist theory, we will examine the areas in which we need to make an impact and why.

  • Identify specific skill-sets we can re-package and market to powerful effect.
  • Create strategies to support our growth and development


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