If you have never used a computer before, or have only used one occasionally and don’t feel overly confident about your skills, the IT (Information Technology) programme of study is a great starting point.

You will receive support from your tutor and opportunities to practise what you’ve learnt. Ideally you will complete most or all of the courses in the programme, with each course you take building and developing your skills and knowledge. 

If you are new to computers, we recommend you start with the Beginner IT course before continuing onto the other courses.

If you attend all courses you will have the opportunity to work towards the Functional Skills assessment.

Keep scrolling to find the right IT course for you... 

Beginner ICT

Entry 3

25th October 2019 (Fri-Sun)

4th December 2019 (Wed-Fri)

4th March 2020 (Wed-Fri)

The ideal course for complete beginners, you will understand the terms used and become more familiar with how to use computers. You will learn the basics and improve your confidence.

IT for the Workplace

Entry / Level 1

20th November 2019 (Wed-Fri)

17th January 2020 (Fri-Sun)

18th March 2020 (Wed-Fri)

This course will take you through the IT skills needed for gaining employment. Developing basic skills in all the Microsoft packages including ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ‘PowerPoint’. Learn how to do this with a click of the mouse.

IT User Certificate

Level 2

10th February 2020-8 Weeks

This programme includes:

  • Improving productivity
  • Setting up an IT system
  • Optimising IT performance
  • IT security and using collaborative technologies

This will upskill you for complex tasks in any workplace. It could also help you make the move into the Digital sector, or prove you could take on a higher level Digital Apprenticeship.

ITQ Award for IT Users

Level 3 

6th April 2020-8 Weeks

IT for the Workplace Level 2:  IT Fundamentals 

Level 2

Part 1:

9th October 2019 (Wed - Fri)                     


5th February 2020 (Wed - Fri)                                

Part 2:

6th November 2019 (Wed - Fri)


19th February 2020 (Wed-Fri)

This is a two part course that further develops skills learnt on our IT for the Workplace course using Microsoft packages and adapting them to workplace situations. Successful completion of both part 1 and part 2 will give you the IT Software Fundamentals qualification accredited by OCN West Midlands.

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