21st - 23rd September 2022


Residential at the college (3 days, 2 nights)


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Level 1

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Do you feel you need to increase your confidence and skills in speaking and listening? if so, this Functional Skills Entry Level 3 course will be ideal for your development in communication. Much of this course will be based on interaction with others and group work which will help improve your communication skills. 

This course is the next step, following on from Confidence with Numbers, to enable students to have more confidence in their ability to use numbers, and answer complex questions. Applying the four main areas of adding, subtracting, multiplication and division to functional applications to further develop skills and accuracy.

You will cover the following; 

  • Adding 
  • Subtracting 
  • Multiplication 
  • Division 

Entry Requirements 

You will need to complete one of our initial assessments so we can determine that you are working at an entry-level 3.