This course is free to all students and follows on from the well-being box project run during the lockdown. It looks at the challenges faced in the new environment, how to plan for these and what strategies and support there is to help. We will look at how to plan for the months ahead, what risks are involved and how to minimise them through our daily lives so we can cope with the new normal. 

During the second part of the course, we will look at what we have learnt through the lockdown and celebrate this through creating a time capsule using arts and crafts and creative writing.

Date and Times 

22nd - 23rd September 2020

Tuesday and Wednesday 

9:00 AM - 3:20 PM (2-day non-residential) 


5th October - 30th October 2020.

Correspondence - this is a flexible learning course that includes interesting learning packs being sent to students through the mail.


Level Entry Level 3 
Learning Outcomes
  • To identify individual challenges faced following lockdown
  • To have a better understanding of the support available and how to access it
  • To identify risk and how to minimise it in everyday life
  • To learn coping strategies for stressful situations
  • To create a time capsule using craft and creative writing to celebrate the positives of lockdown.

Following on from this course you may wish to complete the Art and craft course or creative writing course at level 1