Welcome to the Governance page where you can learn more about the Governance of Fircroft College. 

Here you will find out who our Governors are, details of the Governing Body Committees and all Governance documents.  Details of how to contact the Clerk to the Governing Body are also available.

The Governing Body is a group of people who are chosen and voted for to manage and control the activities of the College.  Governors are members of the College’s Governing Body who volunteer their time and come from many different backgrounds.  They have a wide range of skills and experience and are jointly responsible for the College’s work and improvement.

How does the Governing Body operate?

  • The College is led by an independent board of Governors with a Clerk
  • The Governing Body sets the mission, strategic direction and educational character
  • The Governing Body oversees quality and financial performance
  • Promoting equality and diversity in all areas of the College’s activity
  • The Governing Body challenges the executive on delivery and holds the Principal/CEO to account
  • The College has an Instrument and Articles of Government, which sets out how the College is governed – arrangement and practices 

Putting our Students first is at the heart of everything the College and Governing Body does.  Our Governing Body includes both Student and Staff Governors.

Governors carry out their work in an honest and open way, ensuring that their decisions and actions are known and understood by all who have an interest in the their work. The decisions taken at each meeting are recorded in the minutes. The minutes will be published on our website after they have been approved and confirmed by the Governing Body. Some sensitive and confidential material may be removed from the published documents.


Meet the Governors