Residential at the College 

This course offers an introduction to using computers. You will learn the basics of computer usage and how to use the keyboard and mouse. You will also be shown how to use Microsoft Word and Paint.  You will also be introduced to the health and safety issues surrounding the safe working environment.  This course will give you the knowledge and practice you need to be able to use a computer independently. 

This course is particularly suitable for people with limited or no experience in using computers and who want to learn how to use the basic elements of a computer. If you are afraid of using computers and have shied away from this in the past, now is the time to have a go and stop being afraid.


21st March 2022 - 23rd March 2022 (3 Days - 2 Nights)



3 day (2 night) residential courses cost from £0 - £50 depending on your income

Entry Requirements 

You must have basic knowledge of IT e.g. using a mouse and keyboard. You also must be working a an entry-level 3 or above.


Entry-Level 3 

Learning Outcomes 

The key learning the course provides is a basic understanding of how to use a computer system. You will be guided through the learning in a supportive and encouraging way. You will work with the tutor and other students to learn how to use a computer. There will be some group work and discussions that take place, as well as the opportunity for you to work in pairs. Students often support each other; this is a positive way of reinforcing what you have learnt.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Know about computer hardware, software and associated health and safety issues
  • Carry out the initial steps needed to use a computer, and make use of common types of hardware and software.


If you complete the course successfully you will achieve 3 Open College Network (OCN) Credits at Entry Level 3. The OCN Credits you achieve are part of a national system for recognising and accrediting the learning you have undertaken on this course. Once you complete this course you can build the number of credits you have achieved by undertaking further short courses as detailed below. You have now started your Functional Skills ICT Journey.

Meet your Tutor

Adeeb Basharat 

I am passionate about providing an excellent teaching and learning experience to everyone I work with. I have a wealth of knowledge within IT and I am really excited of having the opportunity of sharing this with you.