Friday 10th - Sunday 19th March 2023


2 residential weekends (3 days, 2 nights)

Read below to find out how you can turn our 3 ILM Awards (Level 3) into an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 3 Certificate


Awards at Level 3 or above cost from £0, £50 or £100 depending on your income


Level 3


Friday 10th - Sunday 12th March

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th March

It can sometimes take 6 months to one year to achieve ILM qualifications.  We are offering our Awards over 2 weekends each Award!  This Award is a great opportunity for you to step away from your everyday life for 2 weekends and really reflect on yourself as a manager, your team, your specific areas of responsibility, learn new skills and how you can implement them into your own individual workplace.   

By doing this course, you will reflect on the leadership skills you already have and learn skills you will need to succeed in an increasingly challenging and unpredictable world. This accredited qualification will include  established models and tools that can enhance your credibility as a knowledgeable manager with your team, peers and leadership groups. The course is taught by tutors who are familiar with working as senior managers and who will be using their experience to  lead the discussion and learning into areas where you would appreciate practical help in the context of you as a manager, and your own individual workplace. On successful completion of  two related assignments, your achievement will be recognised with an ILM Award and you will automatically be made a student member of the Institute of Leadership and Management with use of their professional resources for 6 months.

On this course you will:

Write 2 assignments with a choice of topics about workplace challenges for you to choose from, about your own organisation, applying what you have learned to your own organisation, or another organisation you are familiar with, and exploring your opinions, actions and strategies as a manager to address them. Having good strategies, as guidelines to direct the operations, is essential. Strategies do not have to always be the big, cross-organisation action plans.  You can develop your own strategies within your team or area of area of work that you manage, to suit your way of doing things so that you and your team achieve its goals.  These assignments can help you to think about writing your own strategy.

Learn about how established leadership and management tools can help to address current challenges including those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Have the opportunity to learn from other managers, discuss other practices, discover similar and different existing themes arising in the workplace currently

Take time out! A manager’s role is constantly a busy one and is traditionally a balance between strategy and operations with often the day to day business operations monopolising the role.  Coming to Fircroft can help you to reflect and recharge and spend time exploring how you and your team can move forward, successfully combatting the challenges that are ever-present in the role of a manager.

Awarding Body 

Institute of Leadership and Management  

Who is this course for?

This course is ideally for anyone who is currently in a job, or who has management experience and is hoping to progress into a new job.

This course is particularly suited to practising managers who would benefit from taking time out of the workplace to reflect on themselves as managers, learn new skills and apply them to their own work context.  You may already be aware of your management style and your organisation's culture but in today's challenging world, would adopting different management tools and techniques now be appropriate to get the job done? 

People who are new to a management role are also welcome to apply.  

Learning Outcomes 

This course includes learning in the following areas:

  • Your leadership style - learning about different management styles to suit you, your work, your team, your organisation especially in a post-pandemic world 
  • How organisations work - an outline of basic business structures and operational functions
  • Your responsibilities as a manager
  • Who exactly are your stakeholders and how should you work with them?
  • A detailed exploration of internal and external factors affecting your business and how to maximise opportunities and combat challenges

Entry Requirements 

  • You must be working as a manager, supervisor or team leader and leading a team or managing a key function of a business.  People who are not currently working but have recent experience of working in a management role, may also apply.
  • You will be required to demonstrate you are able to write assignments at a Level 3 literacy standard.
  • You must have a computer and internet access at home along with a microphone and camera installed to allow you to engage fully with any online sessions we might have and to enable you to carry out your independent learning that you will be required to do in between your time at the college.


If you also complete the following 2 ILM Awards (Level 3) with us you will gain an ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

ILM Award in Leadership and Management (Level 3) - Leading and Motivating a Team; Developing Relationships. See below for more information:

Leading and Developing Relationships

Friday 14th April - Sunday 14th May (2 residential weekends)


ILM Award in Leadership and Management (Level 3) - Problem Solving; Motivation and Change and Costs and Budgets.  See below for more information:

ILM Motivation, Change, Budgets

Friday 16th June - Sunday 25th June 2023 (2 residential weekends)

All 3 ILM Awards (Level 3) need to be successfully completed to gain the Certificate.

Following successful completion of this course, it could also enable progression into senior management roles.