There are lots of great benefits to cloud computing - most of which you are probably enjoying right now - such as the syncing of your contacts, calendars and documents, access to your media from wherever you are, additional storage for personal files, and more.

Cloud computing can too often sound like obscure technical jargon, and for that reason, many people miss out on its advantages. It’s a broad subject, but unless you’re planning to become an IT technician, there are lots you don’t actually need to know.

This course aims to simplify things by focusing more on the essentials. To help you take advantage of cloud computing, this course will teach you what it’s all about, and how it benefits you - keeping it simple


9th June 2021 - 11th June 2021

Level  Level 1 
Learning Outcomes You will learn how cloud computing improves the way you work, play and enjoy your digital media so that you can start making the most of it.  
Entry Requirements Basic knowledge of ICT (Why not complete a beyond the basics ICT course if you want to brush up your skills?)
Progression You may also be interested in our Presentation Skills course.