Ever wanted to create a simple animation, cut together a little video sequence, or draw your own graphic illustration? This typically involves buying expensive, complicated software, and then spending a fair amount of time learning how to use it. What if you could create something that looks professional, using software you may already own? You may be looking for ways to convey your thoughts and ideas visually; You may be looking for ways to give your work that added edge; you may even want to start producing more interesting content for your social media. 

Date and Time 12th April 2021- 14th April 2021
Level Level 1
Learning Objectives You will learn how to cut together your own video sequence, create your own graphic illustrations, and use simple animations to bring these to life
Entry Requirements Entry requirements – Basic knowledge of ICT (Why not complete a beyond the basics ICT course if you want to brush up your skills?)
Progression You may also be interested in our course on Setting up a Website.