During this correspondence course, you will be inspired to identify and develop your own personal writing style, providing you with the opportunity to develop your own ideas for writing and supporting you to put those ideas down in a creative way. This is ideal for you to focus on writing from your imagination so you can escape the real world just for a while. You will receive packs through the post with clear guidance to follow. This is a 10 -week correspondence course where helpful packs will be sent to your home. There will be a 2 week break on the weeks commencing 21st and 28th of December 2020 over Christmas.

Correspondence Course 


25th January 2021 - 29th March 2021 

10 Weeks


Level  Level 1 
Learning Outcomes

We will look at themes such as survival during Covid times and you can even use your own personal experiences during Covid, putting a positive twist on what has been a challenging time.

You will use your creative side to celebrate your own strength of character during what can only be described as a year like no other; 2020. You will use the enjoyment of writing to put your experiences into your own words whilst reframing the experiences you’ve had or you may wish to create an entirely fictional perspective; the choice is all yours!

Every week we will be looking at a different aspect of creative writing, for example, creative writing techniques and different styles of creative writing such as poetry and short stories.

Progression Once we’ve supported you to shape and structure your own ideas for writing you’ll be able to produce a variety of finished pieces of creative writing for you to share with us and your loved ones.