If you work with or wish to be able to support people you may recognise there are many barriers to hinder us from fulfilling our potential. Being able to understand and mentor somebody through change or in a skills area, is a very fulfilling role. You may be at the beginning of your journey and would like to know if Mentoring is right for you. Perhaps people have told you that you would make a good mentor and you have a natural ability to advise and encourage. This course is a basic introduction to Mentoring and on completion you gain a Certificate from Fircroft College.



26th February 2021 - 28th February 2021

(3 Days - 2 Nights)

Level 1


12th July - 14th July 2021

(3 Days - 2 Nights)

Level 2


Level Level 1 and Level 2 
Learning Outcomes

You will cover:

  • What mentoring means
  • The key qualities that make a good mentor
  • Some areas that mentoring can be applied to
  • Some techniques that may help motivate change when mentoring others

After this course: