Residential at the college

This course builds upon the knowledge gained at Entry level 3 ‘IT the Basics’. It reviews the use of Microsoft Word that was touched on previously and is useful for home and business use. The creation of a poster allows for layout changes to be made and the incorporation of images and newspaper columns or a two-column set of minutes. Useful if writing a newspaper-style piece for work or if you are a secretary or treasurer of a local community.


17th May 2021- 19th May 2021 (3 Days - 2 Nights)


19th July 2021 - 21st July 2021 (3 Days - 2 Nights)



Level 1 

Learning Outcomes

You will cover the following;

Emails – A review of the wording in emails and responding to an appointment diary are very useful skills in everyday life in the workplace and at home. Whilst emails may be commonplace, there is netiquette involved inappropriate wording and worth reviewing how to attach documents. WeTransfer files are discussed if file sizes are too large to send as an attachment.

Microsoft Excel Graphs - We will cover the creation of charts for the purposes of analysing data within the home and office environment. The Covid-19 graphs we have seen on the news are a reminder of how useful a pictorial view of data can be.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets - This enables the production of a set of budget criteria to be input and amended using text and numerical data. Again useful at work and at home (e.g. accounts). 

Microsoft PowerPoint - This will cover the creation of basic slides, using animated text special effects, slide transition, insertion of images and saving work to a folder within a network. At work, this is commonplace these days and at home, slides can be used to highlight a recent trip with your photos or to present a topic of your interest to a group or society.

Entry Requirements 

You must have completed IT the Basics or have a beginners level of ICT knowledge.


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