Residential at the college

This course is aimed at those who wish to extend their digital skills using the Microsoft Office suite (Office 2019 is used here at the college but we discuss the slight differences with Office 365). We touch on the advantages and disadvantages of IT and the importance of staying safe online. 

28th June 2021 - 30th June 2021



Level 1/2 

Learning Outcomes 

Microsoft Word -  A revision of the functionality of the ribbon leads on to formal business letter layouts and the introduction of mail-merge. Mail-merge allows multiple letters to be sent out to different addresses using data from an excel spreadsheet. This is very useful for businesses and is how junk mail or vast quantities of letters from the NHS about the importance of vaccinations are distributed as well for personal use sending out Christmas messages! 

Microsoft Excel - The importance of analysing data is very useful in the workplace as well as at home for home budgeting. A revision of the use of basic formulae are covered (auto sum/min/max/average/sort & filter. Conditional formatting allows for setting specific criteria in the analysis for example ‘list all sales reps in Manchester’ or ‘all currant buns sold’.

The Level 2 extension demonstrations the use of more complex formulae using the IF function, Nested IF statements (for example if you were wanting to investigate which students scored A, B and C depending on their percentage exam results) or which cricketers were considered ‘out’ in a cricket match. VLOOKUP integrates data stored across two tables (if looking at a table with people in a gym with membership A B or C (the second table would have the costs and you could look up that cost). The complex formulae again are of use in both the workplace and at home.

Microsoft Access - This is used in the workplace but can be used at home too. An example hoe to use Acces is a table of information is set up (could be about car parts) and a query is a search on that table. You could look up all red cars or car registrations beginning with VK. In the NHS you could have a table of all patients and searches can be made on their last hospital stay or previous medication. A report puts the information in a presentable format. This can be of use at home too if you are keeping an inventory of your goods for insurance purposes and want to look up your valuables.

Entry Requirements 

You must have completed IT the Basics or have a beginners level of ICT knowledge. 


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