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January 2020

Course  Date
Train the Trainer - Part 1  13th - 15th
Coaching Skills 13th -15th
Back to Basics Literacy - NEW 13th January - 3rd April (1:00pm - 4:00pm) Monday to Friday
So you want to be a volunteer? 15th - 17th 
Literacy Level 1 - NEW  16th January - 26th March (9:15am - 12:45pm) Thursday's
Critical Thinking  17th - 19th 
IT for the Workplace  17th 19th 
Introduction to Psychology  20th - 24th (5 days)
Shape Up! Shapes, Areas and Perimeters 20th- 22nd
ESOL Entry Level Certificate in Skills for Life- NEW 22nd January - 15th May - Wednesday Thursday and Friday - Mostly non-residential
Speaking and Listening - Level 2 22nd - 24th 
Understanding Mental Health 24th - 26th 
Coping with Stress  27th - 29th 
Train the Trainer - Part 2  27th - 29th 
Gateway to Learning  29th - 31st 


February 2020

Course Date
Understanding Human Behaviour and Self Awareness 3rd - 5th 
Confidence with Numbers and Algebra 3rd - 5th 
Pre-Access to Higher Education (Health) - NEW 3rd February to 17th July - Residential optional 
Pre-Access to Higher Education (Social Sciences and Humanities) 5th February -17th July - Residential optional 
IT for the Workplace  5th - 7th 
Read for Meaning  5th - 7th 
ILM Certificate in Leadership: Team Leadership Skills - NEW 7th February - 25th April
Microsoft Technology Associate - NEW 10th February - 3rd April : 20th April - 11th May
IT Users Certificate Level 2 - NEW 10th February - 22nd April
Introduction to Mentoring  10th - 12th
Improve Your Reading  11th
Personal Money Matters 12th - 14th 
Introduction to Criminology  17th - 19th 
Further Confidence with Numbers  17th - 19th
Advanced Punctuation and Grammar  19th - 21st 
IT for the Workplace  19th - 21st 
Developing Personal Confidence and Improving your Assertiveness  21st - 23rd
Dimensions of Abuse  21st - 23rd 
Building Communities  24th - 26th 
Drug and Alcohol Awareness  24th - 26th
Drama for Confidence  26th
Introduction to Learning  26th

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