Why come to Fircroft College?

Kamran had a strong desire to study the ACA, however, he struggled to find an option that was both cost effective and covered the modules he needed. When Kamran discovered that he would be able to enrol onto this course for a reduced fee, he was delighted and jumped at the opportunity to apply. 

The benefits

Kamran believes his abilities as a designer have flourished. Previously Kamran felt he lacked the ability to understand the thought process behind designs. He had never used Illustrator before and only touched on a small amount of Photoshop and therefore was apprehensive about using the software. After 10 weeks on the course, Kamran is now using Illustrator a lot more confidently and he is now able to understand the process needed to create his designs. Developing these new skills has made Kamran think like a professional designer and he is now able to think critically about how he would go about meeting a client’s design brief. 


What next?

Kamran has set himself a personal goal of 6 months of fully mastering the skills needed to enter the Digital Marketing sector. As Kamran is currently working 2 jobs, one with British Gas and as a taxi driver, he wants to gain more practical experience before leaving his jobs behind and committing to a full-time design job in the future. Kamran’s ultimate aim is to work with his wife who is already a designer and to create a business together. He is pleased that this course was available to him as it has opened doors for him into another career. Kamran aspires to become an illustrator for cartoons and magazines and he Is grateful this course gave him the confidence and skills to pursue those dreams.