Do you need to understand the factors that affect your health and wellbeing? Does your lifestyle need a makeover? If so, this course covers everything you need to know about health and wellbeing. From nutrition to positive relationships, you will explore the core issues associated with creating a positive, healthy life experience. The course is delivered over 9 weeks and will use practical and relevant activities to build a portfolio demonstrating your learning and achievement.


11th October 2021 - 15th December 2021



13 hours a week for 8 weeks of delivery

1 week break in between for half term

9 weeks in total 


Full certificates at level 2 or below cost from £0-£100 depending on your income. 

Entry Requirements 

You will have to complete an initial assessment so we can identify if you are working at a level 1 or above in Maths and English. 

Learning Outcomes

You will explore:

  • The key issues that determine health
  • A range of physical, emotional and mental health concepts
  • Which activities enhance your well-being
  • Nutrition, healthy eating and the benefits of exercise
  • Stress factors and how to manage them
  • The impact of relationships on our well-being
  • Support organisations to help you grow and develop
  • Strategies for creating a healthier lifestyle.


This course will help develop life skills to improve your wellbeing and help support others.

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  • Volunteering
  • Coping with Anxiety