Part-time Residential at the College 

This Level 3 course is ideal for you if you are considering a career in social media, or you want to take your knowledge of ICT and social media to the next level. This is a practical, structured course, designed to ensure you really understand how to use a range of social media channels. This qualification provides students with the opportunity to develop their IT skills for personal use, preparation for employment and career progression.

Following on from Level 2, this Level 3 qualification will provide a solid foundation of social media platforms and using various IT software and applications. The course is designed to give you a strong understanding of working collaboratively and how to build, manage and get the most of each social media platform.

The qualification will also provide learning across a wide range of subjects that include a variety of software applications, setup and optimising computer systems and general use ICT through specific units in software, communication and user fundamentals that also map to Functional Skills ICT.

The qualification is for individuals looking to enhance their use of information and communication technology.

This is a 9 week course which will take place at the college (part-time residential).

This course is for those who have an interest in working within the IT sector. In particular working within digital marketing, social media management or looking to start their own business social media platform to promote their products and services.

The ITQ level 3 in social media is broken down into 5 modules: 

  1. Video Software
  2. Improving Productivity
  3. Using the Internet
  4. Using Collaborative Software
  5. Optimise IT System Performance


2nd February - 1st April 2022 (Wednesday - Friday) - 9 weeks


Split into 9 residential stays (3 days, 2 nights)


Full certificates at level 3 or above cost from £0-£150 depending on your financial circumstances.

Entry Requirements 

  • You must have already achieved or working at Level 2 in IT.
  • All applicants will undergo an initial assessment in literacy and numeracy.
  • Places will be offered following a satisfactory interview.
  • Applicants will be expected to demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to the chosen subject area
  • Receive and retain information
  • Produce written material and contribute to discussions to get the most out of this learning experience


Level 3  


City & Guilds

Modules include:

Video Software

This is the ability to use a software application designed to record and edit video sequences. On completion of this unit, a candidate should be able to use a range of basic video software tools and techniques appropriately to record and edit straightforward or routine video sequences.

Improving Productivity Using IT

This is the ability to plan, evaluate and improve procedures involving the use of IT tools and systems to improve the productivity and efficiency of tasks and activities. 

Using the Internet

This is the ability to set up and use appropriate connection methods to access the Internet; make the best use of browser software tools and techniques to search for, retrieve and exchange information using a browser or public search engine, and work safely and securely online. 

Using Collaborative Technologies

This is the ability to use IT tools and devices for collaborative working and communications, such as web or video conferencing, instant messaging/chat online phone and video calls; online forums, social networking sites, wikis and other centralised depositories for documents, blogging, RSS and data feeds, bulk SMS or online work management tools.

Optimise IT System Performance

This is the ability to keep a personal computer system up to date, fully functional and operating

efficiently; and to solve problems and errors involving the interaction between hardware and

software components.

On completion of this unit you should be able to review and modify system settings to  improve economy, efficiency and performance; and upgrade systems to improve capacity or functionality

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Be able to build and manage your own social media platforms.
  • Be able to utilise tools and techniques to enhance your social media platform and use to its full potential.
  • Be up to date with current IT collaborative technology and the benefits of working this way.
  • Keep computer hardware and software operating efficiently
  • Have a



You may have an opportunity to seek employment in IT job roles such as:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • IT Administrator
  • Marketing