Who could’ve imagined we’d be where we are at the start of this year?

Lockdown for me, like many others I imagine, has been up and down. This situation is utterly heart-breaking in so many ways, but it’s also really lovely to spend so much time with my family in our newly renovated home. I’ve managed to tick lots of odd jobs off my to-do list, however, not as many as I thought I would! I’ve definitely re-discovered my love of baking, although my hips aren’t so happy about that! Luckily I also love exercise and have been making sure I also do a few classes and some running. We’ve been on some really beautiful walks, thank god for the weather! And found new areas of our village that we didn’t know about, despite living here for 18 years and growing up in the village next door! I had ambitions to have every job in the house finished and have learned some new skills (oil painting for one) by the end of lockdown but actually have really enjoyed a slower pace of life and more time just relaxing and reflecting and what’s important in life.