Conflict in the workplace can have serious effects on your ability to do your job effectively, cause stress and negatively affect your relationships with others. Conflict, however, is unavoidable; you cannot always agree with others and in the workplace, it is especially important to know how to prevent it from arising in the first place and manage it effectively when it does.

This course will give you the skills, knowledge and understanding to deal with conflict before it becomes a serious problem.


22nd October 2021 - 24th October 2021 (3 Days - 2 Nights)



3 day (2 night) residential courses cost from £0 - £50 depending on your income


Level 2 

Entry Requirments 

You must be working at a level 1 in literacy and in employment or looking to gain employment.

Learning Outcomes 

You will explore:

  • The causes of conflict in the workplace.
  • Types and forms
  • Stages in the development of conflict.
  • The impact of conflict on individual and team performance  
  • Constructive conflict management and intervention strategies
  • Key skills for dealing with conflict
  • The role of assertiveness and effective communications skills in managing conflict 
  • Action planning or conflict management in your work-place


This course will help develop key work skills for greater effectiveness.

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