Understanding Maths is essential for everyday activities as numerical and logical thinking can help you in the home and in the workplace.

These courses will help you build your practical maths skills and apply them to everyday situations. You could potentially progress to taking the full Functional Skills qualification once you have completed the courses at the corresponding levels.

Keep scrolling to find the right maths course for you. 

Applying Fractions and Percentages

Entry/Level 1

28th October 2019 (Mon-Wed)

Fractions, decimals and percentages are all around us in our lives, but many people struggle to understand them. We will help you overcome this through practical work based on real life situations-this course makes fractions fun, lively and interesting!

Bringing Data to Life

Level 2

2nd December 2019 (Mon-Wed)

This course will show you how to write survey questions, carry out a small survey, present results in graphs, charts and tables and then use the results in a meaningful way.

Confidence with Maths

Level 1/2

11th November 2019 (Mon-Wed)

This three day course will take you through the exam skills needed to achieve Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2 in all areas. To be enrolled on this course, you must have either completed relevant short courses or take an initial assessment demonstrate you are working at this level.

Confidence with Numbers

Entry/Level 1

9th December 2019 (Mon-Wed)

23rd March 2020 (Mon-Wed)

If you are unsure about using numbers, this is the right place to start. This course will give you the confidence to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. You will learn new techniques for doing sums in your head and on paper, showing that you really can do Maths, even if you think you can’t.


Further Confidence with Numbers

Level 1

14th October 2019 (Mon-Wed)

17th February 2020 (Mon-Wed)

This is the next step from ‘confidence with numeracy’ and is aimed at those students who have a little more confidence or are able to use larger numbers to answer more complex questions. Applying the 4 main areas of add, subtract, multiply and divide to functional applications in order to further develop skills and accuracy. 


Fun with Fractions

Entry/Level 1

26th September 2019 (Thu-Sat)

2nd March 2020 (Mon-Wed)

Shape up! Shapes, Areas and Perimeters

Entry/Level 1

20th January 2020 (Mon-Wed)

This course begins by focussing on the language and types of everyday shapes before going onto practical uses of area and perimeter in everyday life; for example calculating the materials needed for home DIY projects

Confidence with Numbers and Algebra

Level 2

3rd February 2020 (Mon-Wed)

This builds on skills learnt at level 1 to prepare you to take the full level 2 test. You will look at numbers and algebra and how they’re used in everyday life and apply to real life situations.


Functional Skills: Numeracy

Level 2

10th February 2020 (12 weeks-2 hours a week)

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