I was working in various sectors and travelling extensively before being diagnosed with a long-term illness. My life changed drastically and I had to leave my job in sales. I felt very lost until I realised I had long wanted to return to education. University seemed an unobtainable dream at this point. I fell in love with Fircroft on an open day and found out more about the Access course. Though I didn't believe I'd get in I was very excited about the possibility.

I learned so much! From the subjects and the amazing tutors. To gaining confidence in myself and my ability to learn, even as a mature student. The subjects stretched my limits and made me grow beyond them. I'm a humanities student so learning psychology and sociology too was a real experience that's already helping at university. I can't say how thankful I am to Fircroft for all I learned.

I am currently studying Literature and creative writing as an undergraduate at Aberystwyth University. It's an amazing place. My life has changed completely and I am literally living my dream of university. The hard work at access level has really made the leap to university an easier transition. I face lots of new challenges at university but I feel more confident in facing them thanks to what I learned at Fircroft.

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